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Every year our guests from all around the world apply to the ADM of Health Tourism to receive help from us. And we provide you this with our professional team.
Our qualified personnel shall contact with you for your appointment.
* You can learn about treatment steps by reading the information form on our website.
* If you do have a programme, you can begin your travel plans according to the appropriate day. ( DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL PLANS WITHOUT RECEIVING CONFIRMATION FROM OUR PATIENT COUNSELING CENTER )
* By submitting your health reports to us by mail or e-mail, your health stories are evaluated by experts. This evaluation is done after the transfer of the fee to our account. ( do not forget to bring the originals of the examinations and tests with you . ) 
* Give us your health insurance information -mail or email us in advance. When coming to Ankara, keep your insurance card with you. And we shall start the process after getting confirmation from your insurance company. 
* Take along the necessary documents to come to Turkey ( passport, visa, insurance cards , surveys , reports, pathology slides , MRI, CT , etc ...) 
* Keep Turkish or English version of all of your health reports with you

* Do you want an interpreter to accompany you? 
* Do you know your illness story? Is there anyone who had this disease in your family? If so, please inform briefly. 
* Provide us with the information of your health insurance, if you do not have a health insurance, payment and service plan shall be prepared for you specially. ( Keep your insurance card with you ) 
* Will anyone in your family be with you during your journey and treatment process? 
* Do You Want a companion? How long would you like that for? 
* Your credentials, your contact information, the identity and contact details of the person closest to you in your family ? 
* Do you have a special treatment that you want? We can assess that with our expert, if any.
* Do you want to rent a car? With or without a driver?

* After scheduling your appointment, an email of approval will be sent to you.
* With this approval your travel plan and treatment process shall be facilitated and the procedures shall be eased. (THIS APPROVAL SHALL PROVIDE SIMPLICITY FOR YOUR VISA SERVICES TOO. IN EMBASSIES AND CUSTOMS BORDER YOU WILL NEED THIS APPROVAL.) 
* This confirmation will be sent to you in pdf format as a signed copy.
* Your Treatment and travel process start after your appointment is confirmed.

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