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All Confirmed services can detailed for your. All Prices are the Quarantied and competetive.


* We accept the following insurance and contracted managed care plans at ADM Health Tourism.
If a particular hospital isn’t on your health plan, but you feel strongly about accessing care there, you can:
* Appeal to your insurance review board
* Look for organizations that will offer financial assistance
* Negotiate a payment plan with the hospital. Ask your insurance company representative or the hospital’s financial counselors for further information.
The list below is for reference purposes only and is subject to change. 
Check with your health plan to confirm that Adm Health Tourism is included.
ADM Health Tourism may participate in some, but not all, products offered by a health plan. Coverage limitations are dependent on individual group contracts. 
For questions about insurance coverage and specific plan products including Medicare and our Ankara location, please contact your insurance carrier directly. Contact your insurance company to make sure you understand your benefits and your plan’s requirements.

Questions Regarding Your Insurance?
If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please call 00 90 543 437 31 90 or to speak with a Financial Counselor.
Make An Appointment
Make your appointment today. 
Call  00 90 54 437 31 90.
Follow this checklist to help ensure a smooth billing process.

Before Your Appointment

  1. Contact your insurance company to make sure you understand your benefits and your plan’s requirements.
  2. Confirm that ADM Helath Tourism Clinic is a contracted provider of services for your plan.
  3. Obtain a referral, if required by your insurance company.* Discuss this with your primary care physician prior to scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists.
  4. Know the limitations of the referral and obtain an extension or expansion of the scope of the referral if needed.

*Please note: ADM Health Tourismc does not require referrals, but your insurance company may require them to provide coverage of your visit or procedure.

More Convenience

Convenient Access
  • Instantly view, download and print your billing statements.
  • See all the same details that appear on paper statements.
  • Reference electronic statements dating back to December 2015.

Easy Payment Options

  • Pay online with your credit card or checking account.
  • Save the cost and the hassle of buying stamps.
  • Avoid late payments.

    Secure Data

    • Eliminate the privacy risks of mishandled postal mail.
    • Feel confident you’re protected with the latest encryption tools.

    Smarter Billing

    • Go paperless for a cleaner environment.
    • Clear the clutter of maintaining files at home.

    Do not use MyAccount for urgent medical matters. If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem, call 112 or your physician’s office immediately.

    Financial Review Services

    If your insurance plan is not accepted at ADM Health Tourism, or if you do not have insurance ("a self-pay patient"), a financial counselor will meet with you prior to scheduling your appointment.

    Your financial counselor will:

    1.  Prepare an estimated cost of services for you.  
      • Estimates may not represent the full scope of charges you actually incur.
    2. Request a deposit for half of the estimated cost of services.
      • If the deposit turns out to be more than your final bill, you will be refunded once the insurance balance has been settled. If there was no insurance involved, we will refund your money once all charges have been totaled.
    3. Discuss whether you are eligible for government orADM Health Tourism health system financial assistance programs.

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